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Doctor Mala Natasa was born in Nicosia Cyprus in 1963.
Dr Mala speaks prefect English.

The doctor studied for six years general medicine in Germany at the Philips University in Marburg, one of the oldest Universities in Medical Studies.

She qualified to be a doctor in 1988 and started work at the Veramed Clinic where she specialised in General Medicine and Alternative Medicine.

She returned to Cyprus in 1993. Since February 1994 she is working as a General Practioner in coordination with alternative medicine.

The knowledge of both medical direction gives more possibilities in treatment of chronic illnesses.

The doctor now heads a brand new medical center located in Chlorakas, Paphos. The center is run as a General practioner surgery and an alternative medicine center with many different treatments and therapies. The medical center also specalises in many different types of massage.

Veramedica - Dr Natasa Mala Drapela

General Practitioner

115 Archiepiskopou Makariou 111, 8221 Chlorakas - Paphos,

Tel 26271700 - Fax 26271808

Medical Services in Paphos

Cyprus has the latest modern medical technology and the medical centers operating techniques are of the highest standard, with routine heart bypass surgery and kidney transplantation now in hospitals. These high standards can demonstrated by statistics which show that one in every 600 Cypriots is a qualified member of the medical profession.

Paphos also has a very high standard of medical services. Hospitals, private clinics and medical centers are equipped with the latest facilities.

Doctors and dentists are available and their fees are quite low compared to European standards.

Low cost international private medical insurance is available for any person living in Cyprus. This insurance is much cheaper than the UK equivalent

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