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Neural Therapy with Procaine - Paphos Medical
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Neural Therapy with Procaine

General Information

Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy consists of injections of procaine either just under the skin, or deeper in some cases.  Procaine is a medicine that helps to stabilize cell membranes, decrease inflammation, restore blood and lymphatic flow to a region.  Carefully placed injections of procaine in the body over a series of treatments help to restore the autonomic nervous system.  The restoration and balancing of the “fight or flight” response leads to expedited healing.

Chronic Pain + Myofascial Tension
Neural Therapy is used to treat cases of chronic pain.  Some causes of chronic pain are from surgeries or traumas to the body.  Surgeries will result in a scar pulling on their other organs, bones and muscles.  This injection releases the scar tissue resulting in decreased pain.  Many women with C-Sections or fibroid removal have benefited drastically from this therapy. Any pain in their body that has developed over time from the scar tissue pulling on their body is completely resolved within a few treatments.

Interference Fields
Neural Therapy is used to treat interference fields.  An interference field forms from an injury, scar, surgery or tattoo.  These fields can cause a disturbance anywhere in the body no matter where it is located and halt the healing process.  All scars, injuries and tattoos need to be injected over time to clear these interference fields.  I have also seen concussions related to various diseases including hormonal disturbances, gastrointestinal issues and autoimmune diseases. A few injections around the crown of the head, restoring the autonomics around the head has significantly helped these people.  Tattoos are another trauma to the body which I highly recommend a series of neural therapy appointments to clear any trauma in the body.  I have seen many patients with tattoos receive neural therapy and many of their conditions resolve including anxiety, depression, digestion issues, hormonal issues.

Who Can Benefit?
Anyone can benefit from neural therapy. If you have had any injuries, scars, tattoos, surgeries it would certainly be beneficial.  If you have any degree of stress, anxiety, depression or a sense of unwellness you can certainly benefit from this therapy.    Conditions I have seen benefit from this therapy, or completely heal include:

  • Autoimmune conditions including RA, MS, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis
  • Chronic immune deficiency leading to infections including Epstein Barr Virus, Lyme, Strep, Bowel infections + MRSA infections
  • Hormonal issues including PMS, PCOS, amenorrhea, painful or excessive period flow, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues
  • Endocrine issues including diabetes
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Mental/Emotional Issues including Anxiety + Depression + Bipolar

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